Conversation with my former mentor

Today I had the honor (after a while) to talk with my dear friend and former mentor Dr. Vladimir Momčilović, professor of sports science. Just a reminder, I finished my final exam and research (of his class in September 2022) which is actually heavily related to the subjects of this blog as I was writing about sports activities and recreation on tropical islands as well.

We met at our local Tesla coffee bar, and actually, we had a conversation about various subjects including this blog as well (he is a fan of the tropical islands blog) and related subjects. Yes, due to my real life and job obligations, I did not write for some time on this blog. We talked about future projects, and I am also inspired for some future projects when possible.

He also gifted me his book ,,Philosophy of Physical Practice” , study textbook, for higher study levels (master academic studies and doctoral academic studies), but not only that, but also a spiritual guide, for acquiring basic academic knowledge in this field.

in the foreword it is noted that “This book should open more perspectives towards further studies and research of the indicated topic and direct the reader towards the practical side of the realization of physical education towards teaching-practice ACTIVITIES behind which are the theoretical basis and knowledge.” Theoretical knowledge is a condition that cannot be done without (Conditio sine qva non), because practical action is based on theory, just as theory sprouts and reaches its limits from practice.”

And you should know, this blog is not just about writing and research on the internet, sometimes I talk with professionals in person to gather some useful information.