Dani Bananice Anniversary extension

(that is me, in a tropical shirt, holding ,,Bananica” candy pack

Good news everyone! We will extend ,,Dani Bananice” anniversary celebration for one more week! Two days ago, the owner of the group ,,Private Islands for Sale” Alfredo F. Ayme promoted me from moderator to administrator! On our anniversary! As we got stronger and bigger (the group has 18,8 thousand members and tons of assets) we continue to provide good quality content. And users seem happy about it!

I did not know that it exists, but I got post reach/visits to check how many visits each post has. And some posts in our group reach to few thousand so far! That proves that our group has good traffic. Regarding my posts there (which leads to this blog as well) it goes from a few hundred to 1,5 thousand views. The biggest is 1,7 thousand.

as you can see down in the right corner, the reach of my group post so far is 1,7 thousand

Our late posts regarding the anniversary got a few hundred visits each so far. That proves on week basis it goes over few thousand! Because of all this, because of high demand and popularity, we decided to extend the anniversary celebration further one week (It should be over this weekend, but now it will extend to the next one)!

bananica logo

Now, time for a little history of Bananica candy. Since it originated in my country, and this powerful blog is also from here, I will explain it little to the public. As we stated here https://tropicalislands.net/upcoming-dani-bananice-celebration/ the name ,,Dani Bananice” is a parody of the name ,,Dani Banice” (a famous local custom and anniversary to the type of pie named Banica), and bananica literally means ,,little banana” in our language. Coincidentally that candy also has similar name, bananica itself (since it is smaller than banana itself as well). And during our fests and parties, we have traditional tropical-themed candies and food as always, except a bit more product from banana. Bananica is one of them, since it is our domestic product.

It originally started back in 1938. when candy expert Franja Vaja, of Hungarian origin and born in Vršac, returned from Slovakia and Hungary with great knowledge about chocolate desserts, took over the then chocolate factory “Roda”, and there created the first bananica candy. It is said that the creator of bananica, Franja got a reward from the government for a new product on the market. Although powdered egg whites are used today, the first foamy Creme Banana was made with live egg whites and poured by hand. After pouring, each banana was covered with chocolate mass by hand, which produced only 10 kg of bananas per day!

Since 1960, the production process of Banana Cream has been modernized, and by then the manual pouring of the chocolate mass, as well as the manual casting of Banana Cream, became automated. Agar-agar, a seaweed still used today to gel bananicas, came in thin, long, dried strips. The shape of Cream Banana has not changed since the first day of its creation, while the quality has been getting better depending on the work process and the improvement of the production equipment.

Štark Bananica is one of the best-selling bar products in our country, and how popular it is best shown by the fact that more than 100 million Bananas are eaten annually in Serbia. It is also being sold to other regions. Also, many manufacturers around the world are selling similar products, but it started here. And since it is tropical-themed, it is a must at our tropical-themed parties! We also sometimes use products from other companies (the Lidl version is also good), but this one is always a must as well.

it comes in a few different versions, such as the dark and ice versions. That ice version is also very cool, it is best served when chilled.