Our blog on Google

Great news everyone! Some of our blog’s articles are ranked even better than before ( see this older post how we got ranked on various search engines https://tropicalislands.net/our-blog-on-search-engines/ ). Now, some of our islands jumped from 3 and 4 pages to 1 and 2!!! It happened that some of the islands jumped two pages!

Now, when you type in Google those islands, they will be on the first page:

Mago Island

Naitauba Island

The Duke Group Archipelago

Motu Matatahi

Malima Islets

Pinaki Atoll

Wailagilala Atoll

AkiAki Island

Vahitahi Atoll

Nukutavake Island

Niau Atoll

Tuvuca Island

Yacata and Kaibu Islands

Mociu Island

Tivi Island

Ringgold Isles

Note: Have in mind that AkiAki Island, Vahitahi Atoll and Nukutavake Island are under one article. Yacata and Kaibu Islands as well. Also, Tuvuca Island Gallery is being shown instead of the article. We are proud that Mel Gibson’s Mago island is on the first page! And Nautaba Island, from the famous Adi Da Samraj and the center of his religion. Those are great additions to our success. Mociu Island is also part of a larger post. Mociu and Tivi Islands are the newest on the first page, I do not have screenshots of them so far.

Now, when you type in Google those islands, they will be on the second page:

Vatu-I-Ra Island

Poole Island

Nanukulevu Island

Katafanga Island

Kanacea Island

Adavaci Island

Yacata Island

Kaibu Island

Nananu-i-cake Island

Now, when you type in Google those islands, they will be on the third page:

Vatuvara Island

Nukutepipi Atoll

Note: Nukutepipi Atoll gallery is shown.

Now, here are screenshots and descriptions of this on this gallery https://tropicalislands.net/our-blog-on-search-engines-gallery-2/ so you can see it better.

Also, today I had a phone call with my mentor at University, professor Dr. Ljiljana Mitić. We had a constructive conversation about this blog. She likes writings here and is glad that we managed to be on Google’s first three pages for some islands. As an expert, she will examine and study this site more, in order to see how we can expand this further.