Top Picks: 3 agents with the most assets on sale

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Regarding the anniversary of the blog and group, Dani Bananice celebration, I just pick top 3 active agents with the most asset sale in our group ,,Private Islands for Sale”. We have literally tons of assets and sellers/promoters/agents, but those three are on the list for now (have in mind that group is closed, a private, and you must be joined to see those links):

Joshua Darling from the Bahamas. This man is literally unstoppable, he has tons of assets promoting in our group over 40 assets! Most are beachfront and there are even islands. One of his biggest and the most expensive stuff is 3100 acres beachfront. His listings in the group are here:

Augusto Berrio from Panama. He sells multiple islands and beachfronts, with two of them being top-class islands such as La Corocita (exclusive here) and Rancheria Island. His listings are here

Joan Paguntalan from the Philippines. This lady promotes over 10 assets in our group, a lot of big, good, and varied islands. You can check her listings in our group here