Our blog on search engines

GREAT NEWS! Since we started a blog, we have been working a lot, to bring word about environmental protection on tropical islands... We presented a lot of islands so far, and, logically, some of those articles are visible on search engines such as Google and weaker, but still decent ones…


Tropical Organization 3

On Sunday, we had another tropical organization. This one is smaller, but with the same quality. Everything was in tropical tone, as standard already (tropical clothes, drinks, candies, crisps, Hawaii pizza, ice creams, audio and video...) HERE IS FULL GALLERY OF OUR ORGANIZATION! CHECK IT OUT https://tropicalislands.net/tropical-organization-3-gallery/


Tropical Organization 2 ,,Tropical Islands” (REPRISE)

As we recently had ,,tropical organization" to celebrate this blog, http://Tropical Organization 1 ,,Tropical Islands”  and it was successful and famous, we did reprise. Two days ago,  we made another one party, in same manner as first, with few changes or additions. This time we watched ,,Kon-Tiki" movie from 2012.…


Tropical Organization 1 ,,Tropical Islands”

As tropical island lovers, we also have ,,thematic organizations" in summer. This one was regarding opening this very blog! Our friends gathered to have a great time. We had food, candies and snacks related to tropical island theme. As well as juices and drinks. Everything should be ,,made" of tropical…


About Blog News category

This is a Blog News category. Here we write any news, update, information related to this blog only (new features, maintenance, important stuff and similar...)


New Logo arrived

Hello! What is a site without logo? We just created it, both versions short and long. Hope you like it. This awesome font is made by Måns Grebäck from https://www.mansgreback.com We got permission to use it for our non profit blog.  It is good looking, adding to tropical effect to…


Blog Maintenance

Hello there! We just started blog. It is under maintenance now as we are slowly progressing into bright future! New contents will be added soon!