Private Island on sale with black background

While tropical islands are considered to be heaven, there is not always happiness. In some islands accidents happened, or even murder.

Recently, a nice house is put on sale with 2.27 acres plot on beautiful Lark Caye Island in Belize.

Beautiful house and surroundings in a beautiful location. What can go wrong? Well, recently, a man survived a shooting there. According to news article  in February 19, the owner of that island was terrorized by at least 3 men. Bandits stole his boat, money and shot him few times. According to the owner himself, they did not stop shooting for some time! He was shot, and asked on facebook for help. He blocked the door with the mattress and pressing it. They shot the lock, but could not get in.

Unfortunately, those things happen as well. People are being assaulted on their own islands, from time to time. This place looks peaceful and calm. And now it is on sale, most likely due to this event.