Joshua Darling Interview

Joshua Darling, a professional real estate from Nassau in the Bahamas (a place with great history, one of the old pirate centers), is an expert in selling all types of assets (private islands, beachfront, condos..). He has his ,,Bahamas Properties 242″ which sells tons of stuff, mostly exclusive to him, under contract with owners. He also has 700 plots from one seller on sale. And, he is our very active member in group ,,Private Islands for Sale” with over 20 assets promoting here! Most of them are beachfronts, but he also has island, and one large plot which is an incredible 3100 acres!

Joshua answered some questions for this blog, and his answers are really detailed, I hope you will find them useful.

NOTE: Those are all generic questions for various types of promoters (owners, sellers, agents, renters, realtors…), and various types of representation (renting, selling, sharing…) for various assets (islands, beachfronts, plots…). Have in mind that you can mention multiple assets as well.

QUESTION1: Can you tell us something about yourself and your relation to the asset you are representing?

ANSWER1: I am a real estate agent yes sure, all of the properties I bring to the group I am in direct contact with the owner and can get quick response. We have beach and waterfront developable land available from under 1 acre ranging up to over 3,1000 acres in a variety of price ranges and payment options to accommodate everyone from the first time buyer to the well seasoned investor, and also deal with a database of professional contractors, architects and attorneys which I can refer to assist in making the buying and building process along with obtaining the necessary permits a walk in the park.

QUESTION2: What is an advantage (pros, positive points) of your asset and the region where it is located?

ANSWER2: Advantages of acquiring anything of value here in my region of the Bahamas not just real estate anything, we have the strongest currency in the Caribbean at equal dollar for dollar with the United States of America so investors can ensure that their money’s worth is actually their moneys worth. Our country is also well known in the areas of tourism and Banking, in past years banking was our number one industry and now a days it’s tourism, each beachfront property can be bought in confidence as a multi-purpose investment opportunity wherein persons can scope their best possible way in their choice whether to develop or dp business on land or sea or a combination of both. Wether they be seeking for a single family villa, multi complex condominiums, factories, restaurants, grocery stories, banks, hotels or churches all can be found at beachfron or somewhere near beachfront somewhere in the Bahamas, jet skiing and watersports are also a common thing in the Bahamas, along with wilde life studies and marine Biology, and with a generally people friendly population has left more than five times of the country’s population in visitors coming back to our islands each year.

QUESTION3: Can you tell us your opinion or prediction about the future of your asset and the future of the island market overall for this year or further?

ANSWER3: I think my perdictions for the years 2022 so far for the Bahamas have been spot on correct so far, I predicted as a result of the after effect of the 2019 hurricane once in over 500 years type of hurricane Dorian which destroyed our 3 rd city, leaving a lot of people homeless over 70,000, that the country was going to make a strong rebound this year whether were looking at rebuilding houses to accommodate those those hurricane victims or from existing persons seeking to accuqire houses this year. I personally have been contacted by many persons to assist them in finding houses this year and it has been more than I ever had to deal with. However I think more homes and investment in different industries non existing in the country is presently needed to expand it’s growtheven further but from an investor stand point it appears to be a gold mind once again.

QUESTION4: What is your opinion about ,,Private Islands for Sale” facebook group and ,,Tropical Islands” blog so far?

ANSWER4: My opinion on the group Private Islands for Sale Facebook group, has been surprising and more encouraging than most groups I have been in so far I had multiple opportunities to speak with the Admin of the group and came to know we have mutual contacts of Private Island owners and were both legitimate, I also got to see and learn about many other people and islands in places all over the world. So overall it’s been quiet a learning experience and a give back opportunity as well persons can help me make money I can help them make money and everyone still be happy at the end of the day. And blog, oh yes a good one very informative and detailed for persons interested in reading.

QUESTION5: And last, can you tell us your opinions about climate changes on environmental impacts globally or in your region of interest?

ANSWER5: Well for a variety of reasons I am actually not to worried about changes in impacts on climate changes in the Bahamas the first reason being because for as long as the Bahamas has been the Bahamas the weather pattern has always been what it is between the 60’s cool weather at night and between 60’s to 80’s in the day fair warm temperature rearly getting in the 90’s this shouldn’t mean one should ignore global weather pattern changes in other parts of the world it is pretty much almost the same, we are even able to grow certsin types of foods here comfortably like in other areas shouldn’t for example apples which require winter we stick them in the fridge and they sprout then transplant and their fine and grow and harvest in the tropics.

BONUS QUESTION: Since we talked about possibilities, and you suggested some improvements a few times, where and or what would you like to see happen in the group as improvements soon?

BONUS ANSWER: And my answer would be more interaction, hosting live webcast with interactive activities, more videos for properties, and give aways. I believe if a real estate transaction should happen as a result of being in this group that at the least a portion or a donation should be sent back to the group to assist in further maintenance and or marketing and promotion of the group or the hiring of more persons to deal with tech support and or live chats daily, communicating with over 19 thousand persons is no joke that in itself is a full time job. So I don’t think any member should think it hard to give back especially if the group leads to a successful transaction for them.

And that was it, people. It was very informative. And now, time for links (have in mind that ,,Private Islands for Sale” is private group, only members can see posts):

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