Theresa Prinsloo Interview

Ladies and gentlemen! I present to you a new interview, this time with Theresa Prinsloo. This lady from Belize is a professional real estate agent with decades of experience in the real estate market! And we are glad that she did this small interview for this blog. She sells multiple assets (all in Belize) currently in the group ,,Private Islands for Sale”, and I have the opportunity to talk to her occasionally regarding this subject.

NOTE: Those are all generic questions for various types of promoters (owners, sellers, agents, renters, realtors…), and various types of representation (renting, selling, sharing…) for various assets (islands, beachfronts, plots…). Have in mind that you can mention multiple assets as well.

QUESTION1: Can you tell us something about yourself and your relation to the asset you are representing?

ANSWER1: I am a Real Estate agent of some 35 years or so. I have International qualifications as well as all this experience on 2 different continents. I represent various owners of either full islands or parts of islands in the Belizean waters of the Caribbean.

QUESTION2: What is an advantage (pros, positive points) of your asset and the region where it is located?

ANSWER2: There are numerous advantages to buying in Belize, the most important being fee simple title ownership based on British law ( we used to be a British colony). Currency linked 2 to 1 to the US Dollar. Extremely low land tax, in some instances $24 a year. English speaking, all contracts in English. Steady weather patterns. 2nd biggest reef in the world.

QUESTION3: Can you tell us your opinion or prediction about the future of your asset and the future of the island market overall for this year or further?

ANSWER3: A wise man once said “the best thing about land is that God’s not making any more” he was right. I predict that if, even the wealthy, won’t be able to afford an island soon. If you can, create a legacy for your family.

QUESTION4: What is your opinion about ,,Private Islands for Sale” facebook group and ,,Tropical Islands” blog so far?

ANSWER4: Private islands for sale FB and the Tropical Islands blog is down right excellent. Davor is a conscientious worker and we all owe him a great deal. Thank you

QUESTION5: And last, can you tell us your opinions about climate changes on environmental impacts globally or in your region of interest?

ANSWER5: Climate change is very real. I do believe we need to pay great attention to what we are doing to this planet. I see people daily cutting down mangroves ( even though Belize levers up to $100,000 fine) cutting down trees, discarding plastic in the ocean. We are doing a lot in Belize to save our oceans but we could do with help. ( Look up Fragments of Hope, make a donation).

This is it, I hope you find those answers useful. I did find them useful. Now, here are some links:

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