Nature violators will have to plant trees for damaging vegetation on the island

picture from local10. We see how island looked like in 2017, and how look like now.

According to local 10 news  (and several previous their other articles)  a couple, owners of the small island  The West Fanny Key (in Marathon, Florida) will have to plant six trees per each of the trees removed. They did not have permission to clear those native trees, which were home to birds and other wildlife.

In late September, residents from the region reported that there was heavy equipment on that island. Large portion of the island has been cleared. Florida Keys officials, The Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission took action. Then, an agreement was made, on 9. December, that owners have to plant 6 trees for each tree they took down. What is the worst here, that the owners did not even explain to officials why they did this unpermitted work at all! This is some small win for the environment at least!