Today is World Water Day

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World Water Day is celebrated every year on March 22. That day was adopted by a UN resolution in December 1992. As early as 1993, this day began to be celebrated, and, over time, the significance of this day began to grow. On this day, the United Nations wants to remind us of the importance of water protection and the lack of drinking water in many parts of the world.

More information about Water Basics can be found here  in an article written in our blog already.

Water is of inestimable importance in the evolution of the living world. Water is practically a condition for the survival of life on Earth. The first form of life originated in water. Water in the world’s oceans is the natural regulator of temperature on Earth. Water enables the cultivation of agricultural crops, which is a necessary condition for food production. It is also used in other economic activities – water supply, industry, transport, and other activities.

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Of course, there is huge water pollution around the world. About pollutions, problems and solutions we have a dedicated category here

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