Typhoon Nanmadol hit Japan

Super Typhoon, named Nanmadol recently hit Japan. It was formed east of Iwo Jima, and became very powerful. its winds were 235 km per hour! According to N1 here https://rs.n1info.com/svet/devet-miliona-ljudi-trebalo-bi-da-se-evakuise-iz-svojih-domova-posto-je-japan-pogodjen-jednim-od-najjacih-tajfuna-nanmadol-u-kome-je-stradala-jedna-osoba-a-skoro-70-je-povredjeno-javlja-bbc/  currently is evacuation of 9 million people on the works because of danger this typhoon presents. They forecast around 400mm of rainfall for 24 hours. At least 2 people died and another 70 people were injured. More than 200,000 people were left without electricity.