Over 150 people died in cyclone Seroja

Satellite image

As of today, 7 April 2021, it is estimated that at least 167 people were killed by the storm, with 140 people in Indonesia and 27 in East Timor. Dozens remain missing, while thousands of people have been displaced. That is a heavy disaster!

Cyclone Seroja is still an active tropical cyclone that causes heavy winds, storms, floods, and landslides across affected southern Indonesia and East Timor. It was formed originally south of Timor. Its winds were around 100kms/h, Tropical Cyclone Category 2.

location of cyclone

The storm caused power outages in the entirety of East Timor, and because of floods and landslides around 8000 people are displaced. The storm even damaged the presidential palace. The Storm damaged COVID-19 isolation facilities and pharmacy facilities that store vaccines for coronavirus.

flooding in capital of East Timor, Dili

Several schools on the Indonesia and Timor Leste border were evacuated by the Indonesian Army before they collapsed. In Indonesian Islands near Timor Leste, heavy rainfall and thunderstorms occurred, which caused floods too. Some rivers overflowed as well. On Adonara island, many houses got buried under mudslides.

Those storms became more frequent and dangerous!  They are causing more people to die and more damage.