During coronavirus crisis can be very dangerous for sailors in the islands

Yes, as this title says, even coronavirus can make danger to people without even affecting them. People have been reported to be stranded on their boats for weeks, even months due to countries closing their borders and ports during pandemic.

As reported here https://www.insider.com/coronavirus-port-closures-singapore-wong-tetchoong-yacht-rescued-fiji-navy-2020-5 man from Singapore was stranded in his yachts for almost three months before finally got rescued!

It was bad timing for him, as he was sailing across the South Pacific with friends. Since they set off to sail from Indonesia, then pandemic happened, many countries started to close borers, and his friends left him to return. He could not dock in Indonesia due to weather, so he went to Papua New Guinea. There, the country was already locked. Then he sailed to the Solomon Islands. It was locked too. Then he sailed to Tuvalu. That country was locked too, but they provided him with food supplies. Then finally he was forced to sail to Fiji. Fiji was locked too. But there his yacht was damaged due to weather and Fiji Navy rescued him.

(his route from Singapore to Indonesia to Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, and Fiji)

This is a very bad personal experience for someone, but with good end. However, this was an example of how this disaster can affect one badly indirectly as almost the whole world is affected, and countries are locked to protect themselves. Many people are left in boats, cruisers, yachts…