(record) 212 environmental activists killed worldwide

According to TheGuardian, last year was record, the most people whose defend environment got killed! 212 at all! Just in Colombia and the Philippines half of people were killed. 64 in Columbia, 43 in the Philippines, 18 in Mexico, 14 in Honduras…

This is a map of countries where environmental activists got killed. Be noted that Most killings went unpunished and the true number of deaths is likely to be much higher as many go undocumented.

The mining industry was connected to the most environmental defender deaths in 2019, according to the report, followed by, logging, criminal gangs and agriculture.

Activists were especially vulnerable during Covid Lockdown, since they were isolated and became easy target.

Rachel Cox, a campaigner at Global Witness said to The Guardian: ,,Agribusiness and oil, gas and mining have been consistently the biggest drivers of attacks against land and environmental defenders – and they are also the industries pushing us further into runaway climate change through deforestation and increasing carbon emissions.”

As we saw on the map, is we saw continents, most activists got killed in Central and South America, tropical Asia and Africa. There are no USA and Russia in the map. In EU seems that Romania is the only country where two rangers were killed trying to stop illegal logging.

This is very bad! Not just that our nature is vulnerable, we witness climate crisis almost daily, coronavirus…. And now we have increased numbers of dead environmentalists, just for trying to protect nature, to save our planet from greed, corruption and destruction! Countries must work more and put more efforts to protect those people!