Top Picks: Posts in group by various popularity

Hello people! We are presenting our top-picks posts in the group by various types of popularity. For example, one is according to our administrator's statistics we have, one is about the post that a member posted (his asset sale for example) that has the most views/range, and one is about…

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Cave Cay

Cave Cay is an island in Exhuma Cays, in the Bahamas. Its size is 220 acres (89ha), and its maximum length/width is around 2,83kmX730m. The island most likely got its name due to the few caves it has. Cave Cay is located at a very popular destination, its first neighbor…

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Cave Cay Gallery


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Private Atoll Educative Lesson

Greetings ladies and gentlemen! Since this recent nengo Nengo atoll got popular, and we got some questions, I decided to post a lesson about private atolls. Have in mind that there are not many atolls on sale right now (maybe just three at this moment), so we do not have…

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Dani Bananice Anniversary extension

Good news everyone! We will extend ,,Dani Bananice" anniversary celebration for one more week! Two days ago, the owner of the group ,,Private Islands for Sale" Alfredo F. Ayme promoted me from moderator to administrator! On our anniversary! As we got stronger and bigger (the group has 18,8 thousand members…

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Top Picks: Various Assets

Hello people. We have another ,,Aniversary Top Picks". This time we got Top Assets in various categories. The most popular island, which is popular in group and worldwide, and the most potent island, which is the best island considering size, price, and usefulness, also the top beachfront and small islet,…

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Top Picks: Active members

Hello people! As I told, we will have rapid fire these days. As we celebrate the anniversary of the group and blog, we will promote more stuff. Here, we have top picks about the most active members in various categories. We have many members (since the group has 18,8 thousand…

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Top Picks: 3 agents with the most assets on sale

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Regarding the anniversary of the blog and group, Dani Bananice celebration, I just pick top 3 active agents with the most asset sale in our group ,,Private Islands for Sale". We have literally tons of assets and sellers/promoters/agents, but those three are on the list for…

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Anniversary Fest opened

As we mentioned recently here we just opened ,,Dani Bananice" officially today. I just made new ,,Featured Islands" list which includes Snata Catalina Island, 28 Acres Barbary Beach parcel, East Morgan Key, Beachfront House, and Pine Island. As usual, our lists include various assets from different parts of the…

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Upcoming ,,Dani Bananice” celebration

So, we celebrate multiple happenings. Next week we will have increased activity. Blog officially started in 26. April 2020 (although I wrote and prepared some articles before), and since it is in spring, we celebrate the anniversary in mid-summer, in July. Also, it passed exactly 6 months since how I…

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