Top Picks: Various Assets

Hello people. We have another ,,Aniversary Top Picks”. This time we got Top Assets in various categories. The most popular island, which is popular in group and worldwide, and the most potent island, which is the best island considering size, price, and usefulness, also the top beachfront and small islet, as not everything is size, there are quite popular and developed small islands around.

The most popular island: Big Darby Island in the Bahamas! Big size, kilometers of white sandy beaches, 39 million price, lush vegetation, history… And is quite popular as many companies and real estate market agents are trying to sell it over the years. One of the best private islands around

The most potent island: La Corocita Island in Panama. Very large size, almost 12 kilometers of beach, kilometers of vegetation, has huge space, ready for business with shrimp farms, cow farm, has development and infrastructure, rivers border with the island (providing freshwater)…  Too many possibilities in one island, and definitively one of the best in the group

The best beachfront: Definitively that 3100-acre plot in the Bahamas! Almost 4 kilometers of beachfront, this massive plot in Abacos is definitively worth attention. There is not blogpost about it, but link of group’s offer post from unstoppable Joshua Darling (the group is private)

Top picked islet: Zopango Island in Nicaragua. There are small, cool, developed, and famous islands around. Despite being small, they provide a quite good time and enjoyment. One of them is Zopango Island in lake Nicaragua. That island resembles a good mixture between nature and a place to stay a few days there (or even much longer). It resembles a mini jungle. I wrote a big blogpost about it here and a large gallery