St. Pierre Island (Seychelles)

St. Pierre Island ( or St. Pierre Islet or Île St. Pierre) is an island in Seychelles (Praslin). It is a small islet, with a size of about 10 101 m2, and maximum length/width of about 110mX75m. St. Pierre Island is one of the few smaller islands on the northern coast of Praslin Island. It is located about 1,2 km from Pralsin’s shore, and 1,4km from Anse Volbert beach.

a view from above

St. Pierre Islet is granite rock, a granite-type island, that is common in Seychelles. Those granite rocks are a real masterpiece of nature scattered around beaches and islands, adding to exceptional beauty. And this islet is no exception as well, as those rocks make it really beautiful. St. Pierre Island is a little raised island with a maximum height being 10m.

a close view of beautifully shaped granite rocks

Besides granite rocks, about half the islet is covered in vegetation (some bushes, trees and coconut palms). The island is surrounded by the turquoise water of a very good quality that is very popular for yachtsmen, divers and people who want to enjoy water-based activities as the waters around the islets are warm and calm.

the scene on the islet

St. Pierre Islet is very well-known for being a snorkeling hotspot, as it is surrounded by healthy coral reefs and has plenty of fish around as well as turtles. Almost every boat trip from Praslin Island includes its tour with an excursion there and snorkeling tours. As it has preserved natural beauty, there are some birds flying around the island, so it is definitely worth visiting.

turquoise waters around the islet

There seem no sandy beaches on the islet, but some sand can be seen during low tide. The calmest waters are on the southwest side of the island, facing Praslin. There, the most fish reportedly can be seen. Before, guano was mined on the island until 1972, and later, since 1979 the island is protected as a part of the Curieuse Marine National Park. And indeed, this islet should be protected as it is small, beautiful, and popular.

despite having a small size, its concentrated vegetation there is dense and provides a good shade

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