Australia – Pacific part (problems)

In Australia, Queensland is an area that is located in the tropical Pacific. It is the northeastern part, which covers a huge area. The Coral Islands also belong to Australia, halfway between Australia and New Caledonia. Norfolk Island as well, which is halfway to New Zealand. A little southeast of Queensland is Lord Howe Island and Ball’s Pyramid.

Australia has the Great Barrier Reef, many islands and rainforests. And problems, of course. Two huge cyclones affected them, and devastated the islands and the coast well. Also, over-development on the islands and barriers create a problem. This year (from November to January 2019-2020) happened huge bushfires which burned down large portions of land and vegetation and killed over billion animals, affecting humans as well. Also big coral bleaching happened in the Great barrier reef. And coronavirus affected country as well. We better explained this all here

But not everything is that bad. The state has marked national parks on many islands and protected the ecosystem to some extent, so some progress is tangible. I will mention something about that further.

Cyclone Yasi is a tropical storm of the fifth category, which affected the area of Vanuatu, Solomon, Papua New Guinea and Australia in the period between January 26 and February 3, 2011. The maximum wind speed was 285 km/h. The storm caused great material damage in the area of the Australian states of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. The damage was estimated at around three billion dollars, and the cyclone took one human victim. Cyclone Yasi is considered one of the most devastating disasters to hit this part of the world in the past hundred years.

Heavy tropical cyclone Debbie in 2017 was the strongest tropical storm that hit Queensland. These were heavy winds and precipitation, schools, roads, everything was closed, about 50,000 households were left without electricity. It lasted from March 23, 2017 to April 7, 2017.


In the picture we see a satellite view of the cyclone and a scale of intensity.

That cyclone left severe consequences on the economy and tourism. Thousands of people were evacuated from Queensland, many private islands were literally devastated, destroyed, hotels and resorts were all destroyed, plastics, chairs, equipment, metal, generators, everything was on the beaches and in the water. The consequences are still visible today.