Great Keppel Island

Great Keppel Island is one of the most famous private islands in Australia. Its area is 3232 acres. Its maximum length / width is 6.5 km by 6.3 km. It is the largest island in the Keppel group (18 islands, but almost all of them are small). It has 17 beaches with white sand, surrounded by coral. The diversity of coral and clear water parries even with the Whitesundays Islands. The islands were named by Captain James Cook in April 1770 after the then First Lord Admiral, Admiral Augustus Keppel. The island has a runway, huge infrastructure, resorts, plains, hills, vegetation, ponds. The island was devastated by Hurricane Debbie.

The company that bought it plans to renovate the resort and build a casino for an incredible $ 600 million! Everything for private business! Problems and overdeveloping in this island is explained better here