Green Island (Grenada)

Green Island is an island in Grenada, the Caribbean. Its size is 25 acres (10,1 ha), and its maximum length/width is around 705mX415m. Its height is up to 50m. The island is very close to Grenada’s main island, around 1100 meters. It is part of trio islands (Sugar Loaf, Green, and Sandy islands). Green Island features a hilly terrain with panoramic views from its highest hill. There is one sandy beach on the western side of the island, up to 100m long. The island is untouched and has a lot of vegetation (grass, various trees, bush, and some coconut palms). The island is undeveloped, there is no infrastructure present. Green Island is an old forgotten ace, as it is on sale for a very long time, it is still available now, but for information on sale you have to look elsewhere as we are an educational blog and write from commentary and educational points, we are not involved with the sale of islands.

Here is a video showing Levera Beach, Green Island and Sugar Loaf Island, and you will get a Green Island Gallery

Here is Green Island Gallery (25 pictures, click on a picture and wait for a little until the gallery loads, then scroll left/right, and press Esc to exit, optionally you can press F11 for a bigger gallery)